Superman WIP

General / 28 April 2020

Punisher Fan_art

General / 31 January 2020

Sneak Peak.

Still WIP.

 #marvelcomics #punisher #thepunisher #punisherstatue #frankcastle #pedestal #collectables

My 2019 ArtStation Achievements

General / 25 December 2019

Thanks ArtStation Team.

Sketchbook 2

General / 19 December 2019

One more sketchbook completed.

Jeremy Meeks

General / 28 September 2019

Work in progress.1st pass. 

New Instagram account for 2D Work

General / 09 August 2019

Hello Guys,
Created new Instagram account.
This is only to show my drawing progress and get information/share about 2D related works only.
As usual I will post my 3d works on my first Instagram account.
So things will be less messy.


Anatomy Journey

General / 15 July 2019

Hello Everyone,

Gone through different books,tried to understand it through drawing and lastly sculpted in ZBrush.
Hope you like it.
#3d #zbrush #digitalsculpting #pixologic #zbrushsculpt #sculpt #lips#lipssculpture #anatomy#anatomydrawings #huion#huiontablet #h1060p #anatomystudy#sculpture 




My new Zbrush Custom UI.

General / 19 February 2019

Hello guys,

Here is my new Zbrush UI.

I like big working area while sculpting.So I have changed ZBrush UI as per my requirement.

Assigned hotkeys for regular tools and brushes and few of them arranged in pallets.

I am not sure about this but I think this kind of custom UI will useful for those whom working on Laptop or 16 inch pen graphic display.